Parker Pen History


In 1889, George Parker, who would later go on to start the Parker Pen Company and was also a sales representative for the John Holland Gold Pen Company, received the first patent for the production of a fountain pen. This led to the establishment of the Parker Pen Company. The breakthrough “Lucky Curve” feed, which made consumers’ lives simpler overall and contributed to the company’s meteoric rise to prominence in 1894, was the catalyst for the company’s meteoric rise to prominence. Parker was a household brand and consistently ranked among the top two pen makers in the world prior to the invention of the ballpoint pen in the 1960s.

The So-Called “Lucky Curve”

In the year 1894, George Parker came up with a novel feed method that he called the Lucky Curve and patented it. It was a solution to the issue of extra ink being left in the feed of the pen after it had been capped and stored in the user’s pocket. It is possible that the expansion of air inside the pen when it is used again might force that ink out, leaving a blot on the paper and, inevitability, on the user’s hands as well. Parkera€™s improvement was clever. He made the feed extend farther into the barrel of the pen and curved it such that it reached the wall. This enabled capillary action to remove any surplus ink from the feed, which he accomplished by touching the extension to the wall.

Today’s Version Of The Firm

Since the introduction of the Lucky Curve, the Parker Pen business has gone a long way. It is still one of the most popular pen businesses in the world today, and its product line is not limited to fountain pens alone. Its range includes a wide variety of writing instruments. In addition to mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, roller ball pens, and calligraphy pens, this firm manufactures all of these writing implements. The fact that a lifetime guarantee is still included with each Parker pen demonstrates that the firm has not abandoned its long-standing commitment to producing high-quality writing instruments.

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